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It's a classic. It's legendary. It's unique. Get infected with the binary watch virus which has spread all over the world. The binary watch app gives you a neat user interface from which you can read the current time and date.


App Development



Text Inspector is a very useful app to analyze any text you want and a self-learning dictionary. Just type or paste in the words and you'll have an overview of the most important characteristics about your text such as...

...the number of characters

...the average word length

...the number of any letter from a to z

and more!


All words you analyze are saved in a word list which can be used as a dictionary because it records the vocabulary you use!


Get your data represented through neat graphs which show you the distribution of the numbers of all letters.


Moreover, Text Inspector gathers records and statistics about your texts over time which you can have a look at if you wish. 


Save up to eight texts for quick access at a later time.



Latein zu lernen geht leider nicht von heute auf morgen. Mit Ultilat wird es aber ein Stückchen leichter.

Für alle Lateinschüler und Lateinliebhaber gibt es jetzt diese tolle Übersicht. Hier findest du alles, was grammatisch wichtig ist. Von der a-Deklination bis zu den unregelmäßigen Steigerungsformen ist alles so sortiert, dass man es supereinfach finden kann.
Wie lautet die Endung der 3. Person Singular in der i-Konjugation? Wie waren nochmal die Possessivpronomina der 1. Person Singular? Alles das kannst du jetzt mit Ultilat ganz einfach und schnell finden.

Für alle Fans römischer Zahlen gibt es außerdem den Umrechner. Der kann arabische in römische Zahlen umwandeln und umgekehrt.

Viel Erfolg und Spaß beim Lateinlernen!



Just a few facts:

You are a little red box.

Watch these little raindrops or stones or whatever they are! They are falling from above!

Avoid them hitting you as long as you can.


That's all that should be said.



Memocolor is THE GAME for easily improving your memory, concentration, attention and logic reasoning skills.
***Note: Memocolor DOES NOT contain ads and In-App Purchases***

1) Remember a randomly generated colored pattern with several tiles (the pattern size is dependant on the difficulty you choose).
2) Shuffle the colors.
3) Now tap every tile to change its color. Recreate the pattern you recall in mind.

Every time you are correct you get points and you are ranked higher and higher over time. Like this you can play larger patterns and become a real pro!

Significantly enhance your mental performance with this challenging and entertaining little game. Do something good to yourself by playing for five minutes every day.


Be the first to know about new releases!

Thank you for your interest! Stay tuned!

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